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Our ambition is to be the first choice in paper. We strive to earn this position every day with our innovative product offerings that ensure our clients get the best quality paper from our partners. Our partners help makes sure the products go through industry leading quality standard checks and following sustainable guidelines. 

Trade Young International Company Ltd is the oldest and biggest indenting house in Bangladesh and since its inauguration in 2001, it has been the ultimate choice of bringing world famous paper brands to our clients,  with over 750, 000 MT of paper shipped till date and a yearly sales average of 65,000 MT.

We also have a fully fledged corrugated carton manufacturing subsidiary unit - Mohona Packages (BD) Limited.  

Fast and Efficient

We are incredibly organized and efficient in our work. We always strive to deliver as we had promised. And we never make a promise that we can't keep. A promise is a promise.

Lowest Prices

We always deliver the lowest prices than our competitors, because we would rather lose a little than ruin a chance of an eternal partnership. Since the first time, our clients become a part of our family.

Finest Quality

We are committed to getting our clients their desired products and get them over the finishing line.


Coated Duplex Board

Duplex board is a tough and thin paperboard, made up of two layers, with the exterior coated with a water-resistant layer to give it a glossy sheen. Unlike common corrugated cardboard, it's widely used to create boxes for small goods like pharmaceutical packaging, cigarette packs, paper plates and cups, and other various applications.

Our exclusive partnership with Kleannara one of the biggest integrated manufacturers of liner paperboard in South Korea offers high-quality paperboards such as royal ivory, Ivory carrier board and craft board, of which the quality has been highly accepted in diverse countries such as Japan, USA, Australia, China, Egypt, Iran and Bangladesh.

Virgin Pulp Kraft Liner Paper

Not all papers are made equal, and certain jobs require specifically designed paper which has great strength, high tear resistance and superior bursting strength. Virgin Kraft can contain up to 5% recycled materials with strong fibres.

Our exclusive partnership with Panjapol Paper Industry Co.Ltd,(PPI), is regarded as one of the leading Kraft Paper manufacturers in Thailand. Their high-quality products are exported worldwide in numerous markets Asia, The Middle East and Europe.

Medium Paper

Medium paper is the heart of every single corrugated box that's ever been created. The kraft paper produced from the chemical pulp through the kraft process is ideally designed for packaging products that demand high elasticity, tear resistance, strength and durability.

Our exclusive partnership with Elite Kraft Paper Company Limited (EKP) based in Samutsakorn Province of Thailand, is one leading kraft paper producer and has a gold standard reputation for the highest quality product.

Folding Box Board and White Liner Board

Where would the world be without our most popular health, beauty, food and pharmaceuticals brands? To ensure that every customer receives their order, it's vital that the packaging is durable and lightweight. Folding boxboard's low-density material and high stiffness, made with multiple layers of chemical and mechanical pulp, serves these requirements exceptionally well. 

Our exclusive partnership with Xiamen ITG Group Corp, based in Xiamen, China is listed as the "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises" and "Top 100 Chinese listed companies", with numerous forest products including paper, pulp, timber and waster paper.

More Products

Not quite what you are looking for ? We have a diverse portfolio of products and strategic relationship with numerous brands worldwide. Here is a list of other products that we currently offer:
- Sewing Thread
- Tapioca Starch from Thailand
- Petrochemical Products ( LDPE, LLDPE , PP, HDPE)
- Paper Products ( Coated Art Paper, Sewing Thread, Tissue Paper, Newsprint, Offset Paper, Wood Free Writing Paper)

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